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SXSW Official Selection

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Kate Winterich as Ellen
Joe Swanberg as Patrick
Kevin Pittman as Chris Bucket
Kris Williams as Laura

Interview Subjects

Ryan Burg, Annie Gomberg, Mary Lee Giacalone, Kevin Bewersdorf


Producer/Director/Editor: Joe Swanberg
Assistant Director: Kris Williams
Writing: Joe Swanberg, Kris Williams, Kate Winterich, Kevin Pittman
Photography: Joe Swanberg, Kevin Pittman, Kris Williams, Kate Winterich
Lighting: Kevin Pittman


Camera: Sony PD-150
Tape Stock: Sony PDVM-40N DVCAM
Computer: PowerMac G4
Software: Final Cut Pro 3


Kate Winterich was born in Cleveland, OH in 1981 but spent most of her life growing up in Collinsville, IL. After minoring in art, she switched majors (and universities) to study film. At Southern Illinois University Carbondale, she developed an interest in editing and writing for the screen. After graduating in 2003, Kate moved to Chicago where she worked for several restaurants, the Chicago International Film Festival, and eventually landed a job in post-production.

Kate began acting when a fellow film student needed a quick fix for his senior thesis film. After the original cast member dropped out, the role was rewritten for Kate who, at 21, was cast as a 15 year-old. A brief but memorable role, Kate received praise for her time on-screen. "Kissing on the Mouth" is her first feature film, and she jumped at the chance to take part not only as an actress, but as a filmmaker. Kate's IMDB page.

Joe Swanberg (b.1981) studied film production at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, where he developed an interest in emerging video technology and the creative possibilities of the Internet. In addition to filmmaking, Joe has worked for two years with the Chicago International Film Festival, played in numerous bands, and created many websites, including, where you can find many of his short films. He currently lives in Chicago, IL. Joe's IMDB page.

Kevin Pittman was born in Springfield, IL in 1981. He spent his formative years in Naperville, IL and went on to attend Columbia College in Chicago for Film Production. Kevin now works as a free lance cinematographer in Chicago. Kevin's IMDb page.

Kris Williams was born in Virginia in 1980. She attended Southern Illinois University Carbondale for Film Production. Upon moving to Chicago, she found her talents lie not only in filmmaking, but in education as well. Since then, Kris has worked with several different organizations in Chicago, teaching film to low-income youth in the city. She has also served as a substitute teacher for Chicago Public Schools and is now the Coordinator for the Chicago Future Filmmakers Festival, a film festival for youth ages 20 years and younger. Kris' IMDB page.