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Sunday, August 28, 2005

We leave for Montreal on Wednesday to show the film at the Montreal World Film Festival. Here's our page on their site with the description and the screening dates. We have pretty good screening times, so I hope the theatres and located in good areas so people turn up.

After Montreal we take a breath and then plunge into promoting the Chicago International Film Festival screenings. We won't know our dates for a while, but we can start arranging interviews and coverage right away. The Festival released a sneak preview with some of the films, and ours was included, so I hope some people are already excited to see the film.

For about a second it looked as though we might get an offer from a distribution company, but that seems like it has fallen through. TLA Releasing was at the point where they were going to make an offer to our sales agent, and instead they told him that they decided to pass on the film. It seems like everyone loves "passing" on the film. Film Festivals keep "passing" and now distributors are "passing" and I'm certainly hoping movie fans don't start "passing" at Festivals.

The latest trend for me is to get emails and letters from Film Festival programmers telling me how much they liked the film, but that they have decided not to program it. I guess I could look at it as a good sign, that they have taken the time to write me and tell that I made it really close to being in the Festival, but just didn't make the cut. Mostly it just hurts my feelings and puts me in a bad mood. I think I would prefer to hear nothing, or to hear that they hated it, rather than hearing that they really liked it but that they still won't put it in their Festival. This "close, but no cigar" thing is getting old. Everyone who rejects KOTM always makes sure to add that they are really looking forward to the next film I make, and that I should be sure to send it to them. Ha. Thanks.

But it's not all sour grapes, because I keep hearing from people who really like the film, and that's the most important thing. I've gotten a few really encouraging phone calls and emails lately from people whose work I respect, and we still get emails from people who saw the film at SXSW and want to tell us how much they enjoyed it. All of this is really rewarding, and keeps me chugging along despite the politics and other junk that comes along with making movies. Here's hoping Montreal is another great experience like SXSW!

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